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choosing correct training to burn the fat

choosing correct training to burn the fat

Date 2018-02-14 07:42:52

Discussing the question of cardio as endless, many suggest / endorse "to do HIIT (high intensity interval training) for more effective fat burning and reduce to do LISS (low intensity steady state) because the LISS that make catabolic effect is of course negative for our muscles. Which is correct? let's look together from the science glasses.

Before we discuss about which is more effective, let us first understand the meaning of the word cardio derived from the word greek ie kardia which means "heart". Cardio itself can be interpreted any type of activity that includes the cardiovascular system.

Once we know what the word meaning of cardio, the second is effective where?

The answer is "context dependent". In designing an exercise program, the number one most important is what is your goal? LISS and HIIT itself has its own disadvantages and advantages, where if you have never / rarely exercised, of course starting LISS will have a positive benefit for your body in overall.


HIIT from the abbreviation of high intensity interval training which consists of several sprint intervals, followed by low-moderate intensity as a form of active recovery. for example is to do 30second sprint (usually all out) and followed by running with medium tempo to restore normal heartbeat and repeat again for several periods of interval.

LISS from the abbreviated low intensity steady state where its speed is always always the same as the low-moderate intensity and the duration of the time is usually long enough.

The easy way is when you do HIIT you will be hard to talk / lazy to talk where LISS you can still talk more relaxed.

Okay, now that you understand the definition of each of its abbreviations, the second you need to understand what is lactate treshold (LT) and anaerobic treshold (AT). Why? because these two things are closely related to exercise performance for cardio. there are two ways in which our muscles use glucose as a source of energy that is in the form of aerobic (requiring oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen). For example when doing LISS cardio into the category of aerobic and weight training / HIIT cardio including anaerobic. HIIT has the advantage of better work capacity where the higher the intensity of your workout you will be about better AT and LT where better metabolic changes are made. when you do LISS, it usually includes under AT and LT.

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