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two gpu choices for 1080p gaming

two gpu choices for 1080p gaming

Date 2018-02-14 07:39:51

Radeon RX 460 4Gb is almost equivalent to GTX 950. Although GTX 950 is better in most games that use dx 11, but for dx games 12 RX 460 is better than GTX 950 in games like Hitman and DOOM. The most important feature is the 4gb VRAM where it is important to play the game on 1080p. Although it can not play games up to the point of maximum but 4Gb VRAM is good for long term and delay the need for upgrade. This graphics card is the best option for a price below 3 million.

The Radeon RX 460 is excellent for playing games in 1080p with High settings. That is games like The Rise of Tomb Rider, Doom and Hitman where it's favorite and the Dx 12 games to be released will make this graphics card users happy.

This VGA card is very power-efficient and requires less than 75 watts to run but still has a six pin power connector. This graphics card has a very good cooling heatsink and is much more quiet. From the design side, it has a Nitro Logo on extended PCB that produces colorful effects and looks cool.

If you want to play a game in 1080p with Ultra settings, then a larger VRAM becomes mandatory. All the latest games like GTA V, The Witcher 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider consume more VRAM from simple games like CSGO or Overwatch. Darisitu should choose a 4gb graphics card if you want to get a decent quality graphics performawell visit gamingthingsinfo for the Best Graphics Card Under 150 Dollars

Geforce GTX 1050 Ti is the successor of the GTX 1050 and about 20% faster. Most of the specifications are same but CUDA core, memory size and clock are different. Both are based on the same Pascal architecture and fit in the same entry level category. This is an excellent graphics card for its price as it is in the middle between GTX 1050 and Rx 470. Although Rx 470 is much faster but Nvidia has filled the gap in the middle of its second price range.

EVGA SC Edition is completely identical to EVGA GTX 1050 and can fit into any case. So to build a compact PC game are both excellent choices and will be the best choice for a budget gaming rig with the ITX Mini case. Since this VGA card is the overclock of the manufacturer, you will get a small boost in performance compared to other brand versions like Zotac.


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