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Dyes seem like buy poe currency

Dyes seem like buy poe currency

Date 2018-02-06 01:03:03

Geez. Dyes seem like a poorly planned item that really screws over good vetern rich players. This isn 39;t a new item, it is from Nov-2014. IT should of been pretty common knowledge the status of augmenting dyed gear within the JaGeX dev team. The person who designed the buy poe currency dyes still works at JaGeX even.My concern is with minigame removal in a general sense.They mentioned how they 39;re definitely removing Rat Pits, and they 39;re really considering removing Mobilizing Armies, which I eventually would get over, but my concern is with minigame removal in a general sense.


If they 39;re willing to remove any minigame that 39;s dead like Mobilizing Armies, does this mean they could potentially do it for any minigame that people don 39;t play?For example, there 39;s still some minigames that don 39;t require other people to play that are pretty dead as far as I know. Just I like Mobilizing Armies, I like Vinesweeper, and Gnome Restaurant, and many more minigames like them. If the only standard for a minigame to be removed is if its dead or not, I can 39;t say I agree with that.


If minigames can 39;t be reworked to make people play them again, what 39;s the point of designing future minigames? Won 39;t those become dead aswell? I just think solo minigames, dead or alive shouldn 39;t simply be deleted as easily as minigames like Rat Pits Mob Armies.I don 39;t like the concept of D amp;D 39;s or mainly the fact that we only get D amp;D 39;s instead of minigames nowdays.


Minigames allow us to have an alternative to training the skill whereas D amp;D 39;s are too limited for a good amount of play time.Converting them into D amp;D 39;s would be a step-down for me; however playing poe trade against the clock or an AI system is something I 39;d be down for with most minigames. Mob Armies could have an AI system, Barbarian Assault could have one, Trouble Brewing, and a load more of them.


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